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Spiritual Dynamic Meditation

This empty bowl is a representation of the human mind with no thoughts in it but the thought of Breath.

Breath Bowl

This picture is the Transcendence of the thought of Breath into the

Spiritual White Light within the mind

Spiritual White Light

Golden Light Temple Meditation
Spiritual Dynamic Meditation
Is a free meditation course created
Alexander Aton
For the benefit of all mankind to take out the confusion that was embedded in the science of meditation.

It should be read in the proper sequence
which is
Spiritual Dynamic Meditation

Spiritual Dynamic Meditation

Spiritual Energy is what has cemented together all the cosmic particles in creation.

When the Spiritual Energy is depleted in the human body one suffers all physical elements. Spiritual meditation replenishes our lost Spiritual Energy within the body.

Excessive worldly thinking on matters that only benefit the human ego depletes us of this vital spiritual energy.

Meditation is the ability to replenish your Spiritual Energy while in the wakeful state.

Meditating Energy Graphic

Come to Terms With My Spiritual Reality! Listen closely.

Just like we have the Central Nervous System running through our entire body. We have a Spiritual Energy System also. When its tubes are clogged up and no longer operate correctly the Spiritual Energy is depleted and that is what creates a spiritual clot in the Spiritual Energy System. These tubes having this spiritual clot is what creates disease in the human body.

Spiritual Energy Tube

But now it is up to the patient to help the doctor in the work he has performed for him. The patient must change his way of thinking, and this can be done by the practice of meditation. Meditation can unclog the main artery of the Spiritual Body. Then the Spiritual Energy flows freely throughout his spiritual body and in turn, revitalizing his whole physical nervous system. Bringing him or her back to radiant health.

While a medical physician comes in to unclog the artery of the physical heart he has not come to terms with the root of the problem. The clot started at the spiritual artery of the heart. He has only alleviated the problem on the outer surface.


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