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Meditation is a specific way of thinking that leads to mental, emotional, and physical balance. When you understand the mind’s true nature, you can free yourself from the bondage to the mind. Your mind is both the source of freedom and bondage. In this course, I teach you most importantly that meditation means awareness means being alert, awake, and alive. Meditation is not the activity, whether that be physical activity or an activity of the mind. Then, walking can be a meditation, eating can be a meditation, talking can be a meditation--even thinking can become a meditation if it is done with awareness. In its simplest form, meditation is not doing anything; it is just sitting and nothing else. Meditation is an effort to know the Witness. Once the content of the mind has been removed by witnessing, there is no content for the mind to focus on, and the Witness turns back upon itself.

Guided meditation is the process of freeing yourself from the mind; it is the process of freeing yourself from your conditioning. It is the process of dehypnotizing oneself. It is the process of becoming an individual. When all of the distracting and overshadowing activity of the mind ceases, then only consciousness, the real Self, shines forth, unchanging. This state of illumination, enlightenment, Self- Knowledge, or liberation is the boundless joy of one’s true being. It can be experienced but never described. We call it a state, but that word means "condition." The Self is free of any condition and beyond anything that can affect it or define it in any way. A person who is not enlightened will remain in the ordinary state of awareness, living in the world as an individual and unique personality. The human mind gets caught up in the ever-changing panorama before it interacts with what it experiences, identifying with some of it, resisting other parts of it, and knowing little rest.

If you can truly understand and have mastery over your finite mind, you will be able to go beyond it. Through daily deep meditation, you will be able to transfer your consciousness from the finite to the infinite. That supreme eternal joy or bliss that we are all seeking is revealed only in the quietness of the mind and the stillness of the inner Self; it is there that you will find absolute Truth and everlasting joy. When you awaken to this reality, you will know that it is futile to continue searching for happiness in anything outside--whether it be in a person, or object, or anything of this world, like money, fame, or power. Why? Because everything material of this world is transient--it is subject to change. This meditation course is about mastering the mind and realizing the true Self. If you want to learn to meditate, contact Golden Light Temple in Orlando, FL.

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